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Welcome to Barbecast 48! It's been a while, we know. Our special guest this week (at 21:40) is professional not-baseball player Geoff Schwartz! Easily the largest guest ever to appear on the Barbecast, Geoff is an offensive-lineman for the New York Football Giants. We talked to Geoff about how he was probably the biggest high school pitcher of all time, getting drafted in the 7th round, his San Francisco Giants fanhood/Barry Bonds, and being a professional Jewish athlete. We think it was pretty awesome, so we hope you enjoyed it. Our B-Ref battle included some surprisingly good names considering this is the 34th CONSECUTIVE WEEK we've done it, although I did SERIOUSLY screw up a really good Chappelle's Show reference and I apologize for that :( Tales of Logdog with Lana Berry was pretty bad, so sorry if it detracts from a mostly good podcast. Our e-mail segment was one of the best e-mail segments we've had for a long time, mostly because we spent 12 minutes talking about eating baseballs. We concluded with a moderately exciting Varsity Baseball Update and then we said goodbye. As always, thanks for listening <3

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Welcome to Barbecast 47! We took a break for a bit because of a plus-plus amount of homework, but we're back. This week's special guest (at 26:15) is Sahadev Sharma, new associate editor over at Baseball Prospectus and noted Cubs enthusiast. We talked to Sahadev about...

  • His recently diminished fanhood
  • Jose Abreu's amazingness
  • His ideal Cubs 2016 Cubs lineup
  • Dan Vogelbach (duh)
  • His favorite Cubs pitching prospects
  • Zunes?
  • Other stuff!

It was great! You can and should follow Sahadev on Twitter @sahadevsharma. After Sahadev, we participated in YET ANOTHER B-Ref Battle of extraordinary baseball names and managed to include a Spongebob reference. Tales from Logdog with Lana Berry covered who Lana thinks should be the next NFL commissioner because Goodell is not lookin' so good. We concluded with the return of Jake's Varsity Baseball Update with exciting news that Jake is still on the team! Our crop of e-mails this week was especially strong, with a few discussions on the worst lineups we've ever seen, and of course, Papelbon's crotch grabbing extravaganza. Thanks for listening <3

Musical guest is Yelawolf. We're so sorry. 

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Barbecast 46 has arrived and it is chock full of questionable hip-hop opinions. For the second straight week we have TWO special guests for ze подкаст. Our first special guest (at 14:45) is the new lead prospect writer over at FanGraphs. His name is Kiley McDaniel, and he is on Twitter, just like us! We talked to Kiley about the 20-80 scale, how he gives tool grades to major leaguers, prospects similar to Dan Vogelbach, and more! Then we put Kiley on the spot by forcing him to give 20-80 grades to a myriad of random and not-so-random rappers. It was fun! After Kiley, we did our weekly B-Ref Battle in which we found a player truly near and dear to our hearts. Our second special guest (at 1:21:01) is Tyler Stafford, aka @JeffBlogwell on the Tweeterz. We talked to Tyler about what it's like being a miserable Astros fan and discussed the timely firing of Mr. Bo Porter. Tales from Logdog with Lana Berry celebrated the recent call-up of mutual friend Matt Clark to the big leagues and discussed what Lana is getting Jake for his birthday. We concluded with a brief update on how we're feeling about our two favorite teams heading into the final month of the season. Thanks for listening <3

Musical guest is some combination of The Game and The Backstreet Boys and 2Pac. Enjoy! 

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Hey! Welcome to Barbecast 45, the first podcast of our sophomore year of college. We have two special guest this week and they are somehow both currently based in the great state of Alabama. Our first guest this week (at 23:33) is one of our earliest minor league friends, Mike Recchia. Mike is a right-handed pitcher for the Birmingham Barons, the Double-A affiliate of the Chicago White Sox. We talked to Mike about his unique path through the minor leagues and how different pro ball is in affiliated ball relative to independent ball. Mike was great. You can/should follow Mike on Twitter @Recchia1. Before our second guest, we did our weekly b-ref battle of ridiculously ridiculous old baseball names. Our second guest this week (at 1:12:00) is Nicole Collins. Nicole is the Director of Media Relations for the Huntsville Stars, the Double-A affiliate for the Milwaukee Brewers. We talked about why her job is much more complicated than just "media relations", what it's like working for a team that could be moving as soon as next year, and more! You can/should follow Nicole on Twitter @nicoley_collins. Tales from Logdog with Lana Berry was short and to the point, as always. We concluded with a brief discussion about the Little League World Series and then we said our goodbyes. Our musical guests this week are the Baja Men because WHY WOULDN'T THEY BE THE MUSICAL GUEST EVERY WEEK??? Thanks for listening <3

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Welcome to Barbecast 44, the One-Year Anniversary special. The actual one year anniversary of the Barbecast was back on August 2nd, but we didn't realize until this week, so we're celebrating now! We have three very special guests this week. One of them was on the first ever Barbecast, one of them has been on every Barbecast since Episode 8, and one of them is an entire professional baseball organization.

First up (at 23:10), it's the Seattle @Mariners! We talked to the @Mariners about what it's like being such a complex organism, how difficult it is to schedule things when you are an entire baseball team, and their favorite other @BaseballTeams. It was fun! 

Before our second guest, we did a very special B-Ref Battle segment in which we, in addition to our weekly names, read all 200 of the craziest baseball names we've found since Episode 14. It took a while, but it was well worth it. Ed Head!

Our second guest (at 1:16:20) is Craig Goldstein. Craig was on THE FIRST EVER BARBECAST. That was over a year ago He hasn't gotten any better, but we still love him. Thanks Craig! 

Our final guest (at 1:27:05), as always, is Lana Berry. We took some time for this Tales of Logdog to discuss Lana's favorite moments in Barbecast history, and took even less time to discuss why preseason football is remotely important. 

We conclude with some brief thanks to all the people that have enjoyed the first year of Barbecasts and look forward to the next year of maybe Barbecasts. As always, thanks for listening <3


1. Sorry about the crickets. Jake was recording at night in his beach house which is basically just a porch.

2. We were supposed to have The Official Minor Leaguer of CFBBQ, Kieran Lovegrove, on for this special episode, but we couldn't quite make it work. If you wanna listen to Kieran be Kieran, listen to Episode 11.

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Welcome to Barbecast 43, "Yoenis Was Traded But We Aren't Going To Talk About It" edition. This week's special guest (at 20:21) is former major leaguer and two-time World Series Champion, Mike Mordecai. We talked to Mike about his relationship with Coach Mac, the differences between the Braves and Marlins World Series teams, and the pitchers he struggled with the most. We recorded with Mike while we were at camp, so we apologize for the audio quality. Our b-ref battle included a player who was once referred to as "the most prominent jail-bird athlete in America." Tales from Logdog with Lana Berry discussed the hectic trade deadline and how she reacted to our beloved hero getting traded to Boston. Our e-mail segment was chock full of e-mails, because it was an e-mail segment. But they were good e-mails! We finished up the podcast with a salute to the Tenleytown Barbecuers, the 2014 DC Wood Men's League Champions. Thanks for listening <3

Our musical guest this week is The Dixie Chicks, in honor of Yoenis' somber departure from Oakland. If you haven't read our OFFICIAL STATEMENT on the matter, please click here. 

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Welcome to the inaugural Diet Barbecast! If you're reading this, that means you wanted to listen to our podcast but you didn't wanna listen to ALL of our podcast. Well good news! This version of our podcast is only 30 minutes. We this gives a good look into what that full Barbecast has to offer. In this Diet Barbecast, you'll hear part of our interview with Rick Giolito (father of Nationals prospect Lucas) about the Brady Aiken/Astros situation and how he handled a similar situation with Lucas when he was drafted. After our interview was our weekly B-Ref Battle extravaganza where we search the depths of Baseball-Reference and triy to find the craziest names we can. Next is our super crazy brief TALES FROM LOGDOG with Twitter friend Lana Berry. We ask her one question and then we say goodbye. It's remarkably efficient, but it keeps the Logdog streak alive. We concluded with a brief update on our summer league team, the Barbecuers, as well as a brief salute to #42 himself. Thanks for listening <3

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Welcome to Barbecast 42! The FULL Barbecast. If you're reading this, you're deciding to subject yourself to all 110 minutes of this week's podcasting glory, and we really appreciate it.

We've got two special guests this week. First (at 19:33), we talked to Rick Giolito (father of Nationals prospect Lucas) about the Brady Aiken situation and his experience being in a similar situation when Lucas was drafted after getting hurt. Rick also talked about Lucas' progression in his first season of pro ball and what we can expect from him going forward. Next (52:50), we talked to the mysteriously spectacular Tepid Participation. You may know Tepid, or, "Michael", as the guy on Twitter who loves to tweet about Rangers prospects, and that's cause HE KNOWS ALL DA RANGERS PROSPECTS. We talked to Tepid about a few Rangers prospects, focusing mostly on recent Futures Game superstar Joey Gallo and what makes him so special. 

After that, we've got the usual B-Ref Battle featuring one of the more lucrative names we've ever had. Tales from Logdog with Lana Berry covered Lana's recent visit to Los Angeles and why she was hanging out with the USMNT. We finished up with a Barbecuers update and brief salute to 42 himself. Thanks for listening <3

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(If you don't know what the Diet Barbecast is, click here for more info.)

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Welcome to Barbecast 41! This week's podcast almost has more to do with futbol and hot dogs than baseball, but that's okay; we think you'll enjoy it regardless. We have TWO special guests this week. 

Our first special guest is CJ Wittmann of Baseball Prospectus (15:43). We talked to CJ for twenty solid minutes about the recently released mid-season Top 50 Prospect list over at BP and which prospects he is high on, low on, medium on, and which prospects he has a special place in his heart for. CJ is Mort's cousin, and his #MortBlood and #MortAccent definitely shine through in this interview. For the full Top 50 list, click here.

Our second special guest is baseball player and hot dog connoisseur, Carlos Rodon (38:28). Carlos was selected third overall by the White Sox in last month's draft, so we had him on to talk about the annual Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest. We talked about hot dog consumption strategies, nicknames, and which MLB players would have a chance against Joey Chestnut. (For more from Carlos, check out Barbecast 29). 

After our special guests, we did our weekly B-Ref Battle of extaordinary baseball names and it was kindly interrupted by Jake's grandma. How cute. 

We recorded a segment in the car on the way to the Bowie Baysox game about THE WORLD CUP OF SOCCER FUTBOL and all the questions I had about the sport/the tournament.

Tales from Logdog with Lana Berry included MORE SOCCER TALK. Lana hasn't watched much of the World Cup. We asked her why. Her reasons were reasonable. Go Lana!

The end of this glorious podcast is a brief Barbecuers update and then we say goodbye. Thanks for listening <3

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Welcome to Barbecast 40, Baseball Camp edition. This week's special guest (24:15) is John McCarthy (Coach Mac), the founder of Home Run Baseball Camp and current employer of both members of the BBQ. We talked to Coach Mac about his brief career in pro ball as a knuckleballer (facing Derek Jeter in the GCL!!!), his transition into becoming a coach, and how he maintains his insane level of optimism on a daily basis. We recorded in a Booeymonger, so we apologize for the semi-poor audio quality. You can and should read more about Coach Mac by clicking here. Our b-ref battle this week included a certain player that may or may not be the oldest living human being on Earth. Tales from Logdog with Lana Berry covered Lana's surprise appearance on Mean Tweets: Dallas Cowboys edition. Our e-mail segment included some baseball camp stories, what we would do as the Padres GM, and a beautiful World Cup e-mail from OBP. At the end of the episode, you will hear a recording of the story that we, along with our co-counselor Jason, told a group of 100+ campers about the loss of our pet ferret, Guantez. Thanks for listening <3

Our musical guest is some German rapper because reasons. 

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