The Barbecast

Welcome to the inaugural Diet Barbecast! If you're reading this, that means you wanted to listen to our podcast but you didn't wanna listen to ALL of our podcast. Well good news! This version of our podcast is only 30 minutes. We this gives a good look into what that full Barbecast has to offer. In this Diet Barbecast, you'll hear part of our interview with Rick Giolito (father of Nationals prospect Lucas) about the Brady Aiken/Astros situation and how he handled a similar situation with Lucas when he was drafted. After our interview was our weekly B-Ref Battle extravaganza where we search the depths of Baseball-Reference and triy to find the craziest names we can. Next is our super crazy brief TALES FROM LOGDOG with Twitter friend Lana Berry. We ask her one question and then we say goodbye. It's remarkably efficient, but it keeps the Logdog streak alive. We concluded with a brief update on our summer league team, the Barbecuers, as well as a brief salute to #42 himself. Thanks for listening <3

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