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Welcome to Barbecast 102! We have two special guests this week -- two very different ones. First up (at 27:15) is Phillies prospect Rhys Hoskins, who we first met over the summer when he was mashing dingers with the Double-A Reading Fightin' Phils, the winningest team in the minors. Rhys talked about what it was like to play for such a fun team that won all the time, competing with his teammate Dylan Cozens for the minor league home run title, that time he went 0-0 with 5 walks, and his beloved Oakland Raiders' chances in the playoffs. After Rhys (at 1:01:00), we brought on Lincoln Mitchell, author of "Will Big League Baseball Survival?: Globalization, the End of Television, Youth Sports, and the Future of Major League Baseball." We attempted to tackle a modicum of the big questions posed in Lincoln's book, and discussed where baseball has been, and the challenges/advantages it has today, particularly in relation to the other major American sports. Then we talked about the former Soviet country of Georgia, which is Lincoln's other area of immense expertise. Next, (at 1:37:20) the B-Ref Battle brought to you by Baseball-Reference returned with one strictly silly name and one guy with one of the more illustrious careers in the segment's history. We concluded (at 1:46:50) with a brief homage to Sam Miller and Effectively Wild, as well as our additional podcast inspiration, Up and In. Then we said goodbye. Thanks for listening <3

Note: We will hanging out at Foleys in NYC around 8 PM on Saturday, January 7th. Come by and say hello! 

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