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Welcome to Barbecast 103! We have two special guests this week. Hope that's cool with you. Our first special guest (at 25:15) is Cody Ponce, one of the top pitching prospects in the Milwaukee Brewers system, as well as a general enthusiast of nonsense. That is why he is on the Barbecast. We talked to Cody about the origins of his devastating lactose intolerance, his insistence that PITCHERS ARE ATHLETES, how he stayed entertained in the dugouts of the Florida State League, being best friends with fellow Damien High School alumnus Mark McGwire (they are not best friends at all) and more. After Cody (at 54:05), we brought on Baseball America's JJ Cooper with the hope of discussing some of our favorite prospects. That did not happen. Instead, since we are huge D-III baseball dorks with an obvious bias, we talked to JJ about the process of preparing the Small College Preview for Baseball America, and how JJ goes about even attempting to cover the lower levels of college baseball when there are such an outrageous number of teams and the competition level is all over the place. We found it super fascinating. After JJ (at 1:33:00), we competed in our customary B-Ref Battle brought to you by Baseball-Reference, featuring one blatantly silly name and one guy who had to retire from baseball so he could milk cows full time. What a world. We concluded (at 1:43:00) with a brief discussion on Bad and Boujee, Joel Embiid, and of course, Jake's Varsity Baseball Update. Then we say goodbye. Thanks for listening <3

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