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Welcome to Barbecast 104! Two special guests again this week, one repeat and one podcast rookie. First up (at 20:00) is Mariners pitching prospect Andrew Moore, making his third Barbecast appearance in three years. We've watched Andrew grow from a wee-little Pac-12 Friday starter to a mildly impressive professional rookie to a dude that just dominated Double-A for most of a season. We are so proud. We talked about Andrew's full-season debut, how much he's looking forward to hitting in the big leagues, and how he's spending his offseason now that he's no longer a JV basketball coach. After Andrew (at 47:00), we brought on Rob Arthur, one of our favorite writers and also the guy whose clenched fist is in all of those memes (I think?). We talked to Rob about how he got from master's degree in genetics to baseball writing, the strange experience of covering the 2016 as a longtime Cubs fan, his thoughts on the proposed extra-inning rule, and the reason for his unusual Twitter handle. After Rob (at 1:16:00), we participate in another B-Ref Battle featuring two more extraordinary names from yesteryear. We conclude (at 1:23:00) with a mildly exciting varsity baseball update, and a quick discussion on Russell Westbrook because Jake loves him very much. Then we say goodbye. Thanks for listening <3

Music: Russell Westbrook on a Farm

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