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Welcome to Barbecast 111. This is the last Barbecast. As you may or may not know by now, we are transitioning to Tha BBQ Part II, aka the part where we work for MLB Advanced Media. You can read all about that by clicking here. But this is our last hurrah, the final victory lap for this audio adventure we've been on for nearly four years. As is only right, this episode features arguably the three most important guests of Barbecast lore, but we began with a large pile of fantastic e-mails from you wonderful listeners, including questions about Kelly vs. Avril, Napoleon Bookbindery, baseballers on rollerskates, and of course, a beautiful final story from OBP himself. Thank you all so much for all the kind words. Our first special guest (at 42:10) is Craig Goldstein, our inaugural guest and one of our favorite people. We talked about Craig stuff. Our second special guest (at 52:40) was the most frequent guest in Barbecast history and we like her even more than we like Craig. It's Lana Berry! Lana recently had a tweet get over 100,000 likes. We talked about that and then said goodbye forever. Our third and final special guest (at 1:05:40) is Kieran Lovegrove, right-handed pitcher in the Cleveland Indians organization and the OFFICIAL minor leaguer of the Cespedes Family BBQ. Kieran is a Lynchburg Hillcat now, so we checked in on how his season is going and how he likes his new logo. We concluded (at 1:18:15) with some details about our new job, and some final hearty thanks for all of your support. For one final time (on here): thanks for listening <3

Music: A somber version of IMDABES

Outro: Jake's rendition of IMDABES

Actual end: The beginning of Barbecast 1


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