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Welcome to Barbecast 34.5! This isn't really a Barbecast. It's an interview. Jake and I are both very busy with final papers, exams, and other fun academic stuff, so we can't give you a full barbecast this week. What we do have is a spectacular interview with former major league pitcher Brian Bannister. We talked to Brian for over an hour about a plethora of baseball-related things, including...

  • His rookie year
  • Being on the same team as Pedro Martinez
  • Playing towards the end of the PED era
  • Why Barry Bonds was the best
  • Who Brian owned in the big leagues and who owned him
  • Brian's disastrously hilarious experience against Team Cuba
  • His unique retirement story
  • His current favorite teams

...and more. It was great, and we really appreciate Brian taking the time to chat with us. You can and should follow him on Twitter @RealBanny.

We honestly don't know when the next full Barbecast will be, but we hope this is enough in the meantime. Thanks for listening <3

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