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Welcome to Barbecast 79! We've got a couple special guests for you this week, but we decided to shift the format a tiny bit. So, after e-mails (at 19:40) will be the second installment of Jake and Jordan Talk 'Bout Baseball. This week, we're talkin' why we think Ben Zobrist to the Cubs is actually kind of strange, and what the hell is going on in Arizona (mainly the Shelby Miller trade). After baseball talk (at 44:10), we brought on our first of two pitcher friends, Lucas Giolito of the Washington Nationals, to talk about what he's been doing this offseason. Topics include his own EuroTrip, his favorite video games, and when Lucas is going to pass us in Twitter followers. Next, we brought on Spencer Trygg, another former Barbecast guest and now former minor league baseball player. Spencer talked to us about his life after baseball and the strange process of being released from an organization. Next (at 1:33:00) , we participated in a brief B-Ref Battle before bringing on Lana for the shortest Tales from Logdog ever. We concluded (at 1:39:50) with some reflections on the end of our time in Europe, and look ahead to our return to the US of A. Thanks for listening <3

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