The Barbecast

Welcome to Barbecast 85! Our special guest this week (at 29:05) is Keith Law of ESPN! We've wanted to have Keith on for a while, so we let our conversation run a little long so we could cover as much as possible. Topics include...

  • the problem with pay-to-play showcase events for high school prospects
  • the geographical "holes" for scouts
  • how Keith adjusts his evaluations after a player proves him wrong
  • Keith's recently released Top 100 prospect list
  • why Pirates SS Kevin Newman is a damn good prospect
  • happy thoughts about Jurickson Profar (!!!!)
  • ...and more!

After Keith (at 1:27:25), a brief B-Ref Battle brought to you by Baseball-Reference commenced, featuring a guy who played on a team called the Nadjys (!?!?) and one of our most Jewish names ever, albeit subtly. We concluded (at 1:35:50) with a long-awaited Varsity Baseball Update about Jake's opening weekend and his IP and ERA projections for his upcoming season. Then we say goodbye. Thanks for listening <3

Music: Dark Man X

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