The Barbecast

Oh golly. A wild barbecast appeared! No, we're not playing Pokemon Go, but we did manage to scrounge up a podcast for you fine folks. 

For those of you that don't know we've been on the road writing for for the last 3 weeks or so. Our trip is nearing its conclusion we thought that we'd kill some time driving thru Kansas (holy crap Kansas is enormous and flat) reminiscing about the best moments of the trip thus far. We each drafted five of our favorite moments from our time on the road, but we discussed some other stuff beyond that as well. Some of what we talked about has been posted/tweeted about, while some of the other draft picks can definitely be classified as #EXCLUSIVECONTENT. 

Hear us talk about...

-Interviewing Dansby Swanson

-The Ty Cobb Museum

-Getting dunked on by Jeff Hoffman

-Yoan Moncada in a virtual reality headset


You can find all of our trip entries on Cut4 right here:

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