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Welcome to Barbecast 95! After last week's guestless Carbecast on which we reminisced about the favorite parts of our roadtrip, we're back this week with two special guests. First up (at 17:55) is The Athletic Chicago's Sahadev Sharma, former Barbecast guest and relative expert on all things Aroldis Chapman trade and all things Chris Sale jersey-slicing saga. So we talked about those two things because both of them made us go "WOW!" for totally different reasons. After Sahadev (at 57:10), we brought on this year's #1 overall pick, Mickey Moniak, to discuss his first month or so of professional baseball in the glamorous Gulf Coast League, his favorite Disney shows growing up, and what his backup plan was if baseball didn't work out. Next, the B-Ref Battle of super old baseball names returned with a vengeance, celebrating two more heroes of baseball's yesteryears. We concluded with a preview of the biggest start of Jake's Men's League season, before saying goodbye until next week. Thanks for listening <3   

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