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Welcome to Barbecast 97! Our special guest this week (at 15:50) is Evan Drellich, the Red Sox beat writer for the Boston Herald. Evan is one of our favorite beat writers, so it's unclear how it took this long to have him on the podcast but hey, here we are! The Red Sox have been at the center of an argument Jake and I have been having all season, so Evan seemed like a good person to have on to moderate a discussion on said argument. Topics include: 

  • Which AL East team scares you the most?
  • Does David Price start the wild card game?
  • How is Mookie this ridiculous?
  • Mookie or Xander?
  • What is a Sandy Leon?
  • ...and more!

After Evan (at 36:20), we held a slightly different type of B-Ref Battle (presented by baseball-reference) in which we appreciated some of the most interesting Jewish major leaguers of all time. We concluded (at 56:20) with a brief look ahead to our senior years of college (?!?!?!?!?!?!?!) and an even briefer look ahead to Barbecast 100. Thanks for listening <3

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Note: sorry for the somewhat strange audio -- will be fixed for the next pod. 

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