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Note: This interview was recorded on Wednesday, December 17th right before we both went on vacation. We had planned for it to be the guest on Barbecast 52, but the timing and the content of the interview didn't end up fitting with what we eventually did. So, we decided to release this interview as its own thing -- a half Barbecast. 

Welcome to Barbecast 52.5! This is an interview with MLB player agent Joshua Kusnick, who represents players such as Michael Brantley, Jeremy Jeffress, and Steve Clevenger. Kusnick has a pretty incredible background, which Joe Lemire profiled in a piece for The Cauldron last month, which you can find by clicking here. We talked to Josh about a number of topics, including...

  • How he became an agent for guys like Michael Brantley
  • What it's like going to the Winter Meetings as an agent
  • "Transaction Monkeys" and Kusnick's guidelines for teenage reporters
  • What separates him from other agents
  • Kusnick's experience in stand-up comedy and meeting some of the most famous comedians of the last few decades
  • ...and more!

We hope you enjoy!

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