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Welcome to Barbecast 105! Two special guests this week, as has become fairly customary. First up (at 23:30) is Anthony Castrovince of MLB dot com and Sports On Earth. Anthony is one of our favorite writers and we knew he would be a good candidate to participate in a fun Barbecast game with us, so we invited him on to draft Weird Spring Training Things (AKA Silly Spring Stuff) with us. We each selected three particularly odd Spring Training things that we especially enjoy. After Anthony, we brought on arguably the most important guest in Barbecast history (at 1:00:15), Chattahoochee Valley Community College first baseman, Fuzzy Furr. Yeah, that Fuzzy Furr. We talked to Fuzzy about how he got the name Fuzzy at such a young age, and the blessings and curses of living with such a glorious name. After Fuzzy (at 1:18:00), we did a rapid fire B-Ref battle that was relatively short but still great (albeit less impressive in an episode that features a guy named Fuzzy Furr). We concluded (1:23:00) with a discussion about Blake Swihart's yips, a mild hot take on the proposed extra innings rules, Jake's Varsity Baseball Update, and an ode to the glorious Magic iPod. Thanks for listening <3 

Musical guest: The Magic iPod

Note: Yes, we forgot to ask Castrovince Kelly/Avril, we are v v v v sorry. 

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