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IMPORTANT NOTE: Jake made an editing error which resulted in the break music playing about 10 seconds later than it's supposed to. We would normally fix an error as such before uploading, but the result ended up being too hilarious to delete. What it does mean, though, is that the breaks are eerily silent -- whatever device you're listening on is not broken; it's just us. The music is in there though. We hope you appreciate it's fashionable tardiness as much as we do, and we promise our production quality will be back up our mediocre standard for Barbecast 59. Thanks! 


Welcome to Barbecast 58! It's been over two weeks since the last Barbecast, so we return with two special guests! Our first special guest (at 29:17) is Howard Megdal, contributing writer to Capital New York, Sports Illustrated, and the author of the upcoming book, "The Cardinals Way". We talked to Howard about his inspiration for the book, the Cardinals complicated offseason, and his favorite young Cardinals player going forward. We also talked about Howard's experience being a Mets fan since Jonathon Niese was born, and whether or not he has any hint of optimism heading into the 2015 season.  After Howard (at 57:07), we talked to minor league friend Matt Ball, a pitcher in the darkest depths of the Chicago White Sox system. Matt explained to us the important differences between major and minor league camp in Spring Training, and gave us an idea of his 2015 schedule developmentally. Matt's great, and we appreciate him making his first (and probably last) career pinch-hit appearance when some of our other minor league friends are too busy to record this stupid podcast with us. After Matt (at 1:20:20), we participated in a spectacularly themed B-Ref Battle...this time, it's WAR. After B-Ref (at 1:44:10), Tales from Logdog with Lana Berry celebrated 50 EPISODES LOL LANA HOW DID WE MAKE IT THIS FAR and covered Lana's first experience playing fantasy baseball. We concluded (at 1:51:43) with a brief discussion on Mike Lieberthal and some of the greatest offensive seasons by a catcher in MLB history, as well as an exciting Varsity Baseball Update from Jake, who is now actually pitching for a varsity baseball team on a shockingly consistent basis. Thanks for listening <3


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