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Welcome to Barbecast 84! While we rarely mention any specifics from our pre-guest e-mail segment, this week contained an exception, as we presented our all-time Jewish baseball starting lineup, with pump-up music and everything. It was wonderful. Our special guests this week (at 20:15) are Ryan Spaeder and Kevin Reavy, the co-authors of the upcoming book, "Incredible Baseball Stats" (info below). You probably know Ryan as Ace of MLB Stats on Twitter. We talked about...

  • how Ryan got into the whole tweeting amazing baseball fun facts business
  • how he turned it into a book
  • how Kevin got involved
  • how they got Wade Boggs (yes, that Wade Boggs) to write the forward
  • how Ryan keeps track of all of his fun facts
  • HOW?!
  • ...and more!

After Ryan and Kevin (at 47:05), another B-Ref Battle brought to you by Baseball-Reference commenced. Funny names are still funny! After B-Ref (at 57:50), Lana Ber---OH WAIT, THAT'S OVER NOW (we still love Lana). We concluded with one of the dumbest things we've ever recorded on the podcast (link below). Hopefully you find it 1/100th as funny as we found it. Thanks for listening <3 

Music: We Didn't Start the Fire!

Y'all Ready for This Music Video featuring the best YouTube description ever

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