The Barbecast

Welcome to Barbecast 88! Our special guest this week (at 17:00) is former major leaguer Mark Teahen! Mark came on to reflect on his career, including...

  • getting drafted by the Moneyball A's
  • getting traded as a prospect
  • playing for the hapless late 2000's Royals
  • the brutal honesty of a young Zack Greinke
  • seeing that same organization be World Series champions now
  • the secret to hitting Justin Verlander
  • his two remarkable inside the park home runs (here and here)
  • pitchers that owned him/pitchers that he owned
  • playing for Team Canada in the World Baseball Classic
  • ...and more!

After Mark (at 1:05:00), another B-Ref Battle brought to you by Baseball-Reference commenced. We concluded (at 1:15:20) with a painful Varsity Baseball Update from a hurting Jake after he had a rough time catching a bullpen. I also talked a bit about the start to Wooster's season before saying goodbye. Thanks for listening <3

Musical guest: Jimmy Fallon having no respect for IMDABES

Link to Mark's fantastic charity

Link to Mark's fantastic wine bar

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