The Barbecast

Welcome to Barbecast 93! This is not a normal Barbecast -- it's shorter, there are no e-mails or B-Ref Battle, and OH MY GOD LANA BERRY IS BACK?!?! We wanted to record a quick podcast this week for two reasons: First, it's been a while. And second, we leave this week for our fourth annual insane baseball summer roadtrip. This time we'll be documenting our adventures for the good people over at MLB's Cut4 site. We spent the first part of the show discussing our trip. You can read about it and see our itinerary by clicking here. After roadtrip talk, we brought back on our good friend Lana Berry, 10 episodes and several months after mercilessly killing her off the show for no good reason. We checked in with her about her two favorite baseball teams, her LeBron hot takes, and her general life status. Yay Lana! We concluded the show with an exciting update from Jake about his recent dominance on the mound in his summer Men's League. Like, he's actually pitching really well. Then we say goodbye!

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