The Barbecast

Welcome to Barbecast 35! It has been over two weeks since our last full Barbecast but Finals Week is over and the summer has just begun, so here ya go. Our special guest this week is Zachary Levine, writer at Baseball Prospectus and former Astros beat writer for the Houston Chronicle. We talked to Zachary about the Astros' incredible ability to suck, and what it was it like covering a team that was SO BAD LIKE WOW SO BAD. We also talked about other non-Astros stuff, don't worry. As usual, we recorded our B-Ref segment before everything else, and in this case, it was in the MORNING. So we were tired. Tales from Logdog with Lana Berry covered the first round of the NFL DRAFT YEAH FOOTBALL YEAH. We talked about Johnny Football and Lana's favorite moments of the draft. Jake's Varsity Baseball Update is...not a very good update. You'll hear more this week. Our e-mails were great, including a wonderful Mother's Day e-mail from OBP himself. Thanks for listening <3

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