The Barbecast

Barbecast 36! Our special guest this week is a new minor league friend of ours. His name is Spencer Trygg and he is a right-handed pitcher in the depths of the Los Angeles Angels minor league system. We talked to Spencer about playing in the Pioneer League, the quirks of D3 baseball, and the even more ridiculous quirks of playing indy ball. We also talked about what it was like for him growing up a Giants fan and then signing with the Angels, and to what extent he's had to throw away his childhood fandom. Our b-ref battle this week was great, and includes possibly one of the ten best names we've ever found. Tales from Logdog with Lana Berry began with some discussion of Tommy John surgery but quickly morphed into an in-depth discussion on PIZZA. Our e-mails were solid, with some questions about the Reds, comparing baseball to doom metal, another masterpiece from Napoleon Bookbindery, and a somber goodbye to Jose Fernandez from the one and only OBP. Jake's Varsity Baseball Update is over, and the Barbecuers update is here, plus some talk about our trip to Hagerstown. Thanks for listening <3

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