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Welcome to Barbecast 89.5! This not your average Barbecast. There's not even Jake Mintz on this Barbecast :( But hey, it's still 45+ minutes of unadulterated audio content for your enjoyment. Finals week has made the recording of a full Barbecast entirely impossible for both of us, but we really wanted to get something up ASAP, and so I brought Chris Crawford of Baseball Prospectus on to talk about the upcoming MLB Draft! Chris indulged me on several draft-related curiosities and answered a couple e-mail questions on topics including...

  • Jason Groome vs. Brady Aiken
  • The Mysterious Delvin Perez vs. the terrible shortstop class
  • Where In The World Is Alec Hansen's Command?
  • Buddy Reed vs. Corey Ray 
  • Matt Krook
  • How the Tigers draft strategy may change now that Dombrowski is gone
  • How teams treat pitchers throwing insane amounts of pitchers in high school/college, featuring a plus-plus rant from Chris
  • ...and more!

After answering my silly questions, Chris talks about his MLB Draft Guide, available for just $4.99 (!!!) on iTunes. If you have any questions about this year's draft class that weren't addressed on this podcast, the guide is the way to go. It's a fantastic amount of information for the price of a meh Subway sandwich. Seems like an obvious purchase now, huh? 

Anyway, thanks for listening! We'll hopefully be back next week with a full Barbecast, episode 90, likely spending three hours discussing Bartolo's home run <3

(Note: Sorry if my audio is a bit quiet compared to Chris'; I don't usually record these things and am even worse at producing them than Jake)

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