The Barbecast

Welcome to Barbecast 108! We've got two special guests this week. First up (at 24:30) is Tom Hackimer, professional side-armer in the Minnesota Twins organization. Tom is both a) our kind of guy; and b) almost everything Jake aspires to be as a poo-slinging reliever. We talked about how he went from a walk-on at St. John's to dominating for four years while also majoring in physics, getting drafted by his not-actual-favorite time, the one home run he is ever allowed, and a bunch of nerdy side-arm related stuff that Jake was understandably curious about. After Tom, (at 1:06:15), we brought on Jamal Collier, who covers the Nationals for, to discuss the team's outrageously hot start (particularly on offense), Ryan Zimmerman's resurrection, Tanner Roark, and the wonderful mess that is their bullpen. We concluded (at 1:39:15) with a Varsity Baseball Update that actually is more of a Professional Baseball Update (?!?!?!) about Jake's Frontier League tryout, before some brief general D-III baseball talk. Then we say goodbye. Thanks for listening <3

Music: Lil Yachty 

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