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Hello and welcome to BARBECAST 31 featuring 3.1 special guests. This is definitely a much better show than last week because Jake is actually awake for 90% of it! And yes, it's also a long one. Our THREE special guests this week, in order, are...

Dan Amodio, Baseball Operations and Facility Devlopment Manager at THE AUSTRALIAN BASEBALL LEAGUE. We talked to him about what it was like having Major League Baseball down under. He was in a coffee shop. We apologize for the background noise. 

Matt Ball, former Barbecast guest and right-handed pitching prospect for the Chicago White Sox. Matt gave some insight on what minor league camp in Arizona is like, talks about his year ahead, and shares a SPECTACULAR Alexei Ramirez story.

Matt Clark, former Barbecast guest, and first base prospect for the New York Mess. We talked to him about being in MAJOR LEAGUE SPRING TRAINING. Particularly, on the same team as Bartolo Colon. Matt is funny and we like Matt. Both Matts. Maybe even all Matts. Even Matt Stairs.

LANA BERRY. Just a plain ol' Tales from Logdog for the 20 something-th week in a row. Yeah. We talked about all the Rangers dying and who the hell Nick Martinez is. 

Our b-ref battle was solid, and our e-mail segment was brief but entertaining. Jake's Varsity Baseball Update was sobering to say the least. Barbecast 31! Thanks for listening <3

And yeah, our "musical guest" is beer commercials. Mostly just the same one over and over. 

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Barbecast 30 has finally arrived. It's been two weeks since our last podcast, and one week since we recorded our interview with special guest, National Baseball Writer for Sporting News,  Jesse Spector. Nevertheless, this mess of an episode is here for you to hopefully enjoy. Please excuse Jake's immense #slack and #sickness; as far as Lana and I know, he wasn't on anything, but rather very tired and somewhat ill. Anyway, we talked to Jesse about his spring training adventures and he shared his one personal experience with Barry Bonds. I came well prepared for the b-ref battle this week, but we both had some gems. Tales from Logdog with Lana, was actually one of our best Logdog segments in a while. We talked about how #Nelly1057 impacted us on all levels. If you don't know what #Nelly1057 was, you will definitely know by the end of this episode. Our e-mail segment was decent; we got lucky and received a last minute e-mail from OBP and Napoleon was wonderful as always. Thanks for listening <3

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One week after Kelly Vs. Avril, we're back with a slightly more baseball-oriented podcast. Our special guest this week is...well it's a lot of people. We held our inaugural CFB fantasy baseball draft with some of our bestest friends including Carlos Rodon, Craig Goldstein, Chris Crawford, and my little brother David AKA Little Poop. We recorded during the whole thing and we've cautiously edited it down to 30 minutes of ridiculousness. It might be the funniest thing we've ever had on the podcast and we hope you enjoy it. Our b-ref battle featured the first appearance of Jake's girlfriend, so that was exciting. She provided a plus-plus amount of polite laughter at our bad jokes. Tales from Logdog with Lana Berry covered Lana's experience with the Oscars and her WILD AND CRAZY SPRING BREAKS from her reckless youth. Our e-mail segment was missing a certain someone, but we managed. Our musical guest is all the best Backyard Baseball music. Thanks for listening <3

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