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Welcome to Barbecast 99! Our special guest this week (at 17:00) is Ben Lindbergh, of the world famous Effectively Wild podcast and The Ringer. Ben's Barbecast debut is long overdue, but we wanted to squeeze him into the first 100 episodes at the very least. In the few baseball-less hours we had before the Wild Card games, we drafted the World Series match-ups we most want to see at the end of October, and give our very loose explanations for why we want to see them. After Ben (at 1:02:45), another B-Ref Battle brought to you by Baseball-Reference went down, featuring two of the better names we've had in a while and a heated discussion over the pronunciation of the world "coupon". That was really exciting stuff. We concluded (at 1:13:40) with a Varsity Baseball Update on the end of Jake's fall ball season, and a brief life update from both of us regarding our current and potential future whereabouts during the postseason (EYES EMOJI). Thanks for listening <3

Music: Bon Iver

Note: Thanks again for all the kind words on Episode 98.5, our Jose Fernandez Appreciation Podcast. If you still have any thoughts or stories you want to share with us, we're happy to receive more at Were working to respond to all the ones we've already gotten individually.

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