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Welcome to Barbecast 77! We have two extremely different but equally special guests this week. First (at 25:30), we talked to Arthur Lenk. Who is Arthur Lenk, you may ask? Arthur is a Mets fan! Arthur is also the Israeli ambassador to South Africa, Swaziland, Lesotho, and Mauritius! Naturally, we connected with him and invited him on the podcast for a fascinating discussion about...

  • the state of Israeli baseball
  • helping organize the Israel team for the World Baseball Classic
  • recruiting Jewish pro players to play for Team Israel
  • being a baseball fan in a country/occupation that doesn't have a lot of baseball'
  • following the Mets playoff run while living in South Africa and having to wake up and do important stuff the next day
  • ...and more!

After Ambassador Lenk, we brought on recently acquired Pirates minor league pitcher Trevor Williams (at 1:00:00) to talk about...

  • playing in the Arizona Fall League
  • getting traded while playing in the Arizona Fall League
  • the mindset difference between starting and relieving
  • not giving up any dingers
  • playing Magic the Gathering
  • the need for an enormous professional baseball Clash of Clans tournament 
  • ...and more!

We followed our two interviews with a relatively brief B-Ref Battle (at 1:38:45) before calling Lana (at 1:51:45) to talk about Peyton Manning for Tales from Logdog. We concluded (at 2:00:00) with some thoughts on the recent Hot Stove action/inaction, a brief Varsity Baseball Update, and a quick highlight from my trip to Prague. Thanks for listening <3

Music: 5,000 Candles In the Wind

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Welcome to Barbecast 76! Our special guest this week is Sam Miller (at 18:07), he of 1,000 Pitch Bullpen Barbecast fame, as well as the EIC at Baseball Prospectus. As the co-host of Effectively Wild, Sam is accustomed to drafting things on podcasts, so we invited him on to our podcast to draft the best moments of the 2015 season with us. Of course, Sam has been busy running a professional baseball team, so he shared two fantastic stories about that experience, as well as a couple favorite things from the 2015 MLB season. Sam also managed to derail the draft a number of times throughout to discuss things such as ethics in baseball journalism. We also drafted five things each, covering everything from Bautista's bat flip to Bryan Price's epic f-bomb tirade (remember that?). It was a fun conversation, excessive length be damned. After Sam (at 1:50:15), another one-name-each B-Ref Battle commenced featuring a kind gesture and a famous war figure. Tales from Logdog with Lana Berry (at 2:01:25) was messy as always. Sorry 'bout that. We concluded (at 2:07:55) with some thoughts on the World Series and the disappointing end to Yo's season, and look ahead to the Potentially Super Hot Hot Stove. Thanks for listening <3

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