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We have noticed a good number of people subscribing to/downloading pods from this feed, presumably in search of our new podcast, Baseball Bar-B-Cast over on the SiriusXM podcast network. Consider this a clarification on where you can actually find that new show, AKA not on this feed.

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Hi friends! Just wanted to pop into this dusty ol' podcast feed to let you know that we're starting a new baseball podcast with The Ringer! It won't be like the Barbecast, but we think you'll enjoy it. Thank you so much for listening to the Barbecast and supporting us when we first started doing these things. May OBP and Napoleon live on forever.

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Barbecast 32 is here! Our special guest this week is Daren Willman. You probably/hopefully know him as @darenw on the Tweeterz, but what you should know him as the genius behind and, your two new favorite time-wasters. We talked to Daren about how HE DOES THIS FOR FUN and what the new fun stuff released by MLB Advanced Media could mean for his sites. Seriously though, Daren is awesome and this interview should make that very apparent. Our b-ref battle was the reason for this episode's title, as Jake and I happened to choose the exact same player for only the third time in the segment's history. Tales from Logdog with Lana Berry included all three of us being completely incompetent and we apologize for that. Our e-mails were stellar, and our two favorites came through BIG TIME with some incredibly insightful messages. Our musical guest is the theme song from Jimmy Neutron. Don't question it. Thanks for listening <3

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