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Welcome to Barbecast 63! Our special guest this week (at 19:45) is Cardinals minor league outfielder and D-III success story Collin Radack! Live from his hotel in Cedar Rapids, Collin talked to us about a whole bunch of things, including:

  • How he ended up at Hendrix College in the middle of Arkansas
  • The difference between D3 schools in the south vs. other parts of the country
  • How he got scouted/drafted
  • His transition from D3 pitching to pro ball pitching
  • ...and more!

After Collin (at 55:45), we participated in our weekly B-Ref Battle of extraordinary baseball names featuring a tremendous contradiction and a guy who holds an MLB single-season record. Next (at 1:15:40), Tales from Logdog with Lana Berry talked about .... . We concluded (at 1:19:35) with an update on our respective schools' baseball seasons, as Jake is going to regionals and Wooster is going home. Thanks for listening <3

Music: Division-III Baseball Song

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Welcome to Barbecast 62! We've returned to our our two-special guest format for this week, and one might argue that this podcast has three, even four special guests! It's all a matter of interpretation. Our first guest this week (at 18:20) is Chris Iott, Tigers beat writer. We asked Chris about the Tigers' hot start, how #blessed he is to cover Yoenis Cespedes on a daily basis, the immobility of Victor Martinez, the realness of JD Martinez, and how long Miggy can avoid people complaining about his monstrous contract. Next (at 52:25), we participated in our customary B-Ref Battle of extraordinarily old extraordinary baseball names. After B-Ref (at 1:14:55), we talked to the OFFICIAL MINOR LEAGUER OF CESPEDES FAMILY BARBECUE, Kieran Lovegrove! Live from extended spring training in Arizona, Kieran (alongside his roommate/teammate Justin Garcia) gives his outlook for the upcoming season and answers some questions regarding when it is appropriate to throw at a batter on purpose, if ever. We love Kieran, and you should really follow him on Twitter so he stops bitching about his follower count :)  Next (at 1:39:51), Barbecast 61 guest Lucas Giolito hops back on the pod to give us a quick movie recommendation while his roommate Erick Fedde fails to come up with a single movie he has seen at any point in his life. Tales from Logdog with Lana Berry (at 1:43:15) covered the NFL Draft for about 30 seconds until we realized we should probably talk about Josh Hamilton. We concluded with a few minutes of Bubba Trammell love, and Varsity Baseball Update with our respective schools' playoff odds. Thanks for listening <3  

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