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Welcome to Barbecast 100! Wait, 100??? Yeah, 100. Only a few months late, we finally managed to find some time to record our centurial podcast. We assembled an all-star cast of past Barbecast friends/guests to help create this inordinately long show to make up for the weeks of neglect. We began with our customary e-mail segment, except this time (at 13:00), we brought on a VERY special guest to offer us some insight into the mind of a Barbecast e-mail legend. It was fantastic. Our real special guest (at 31:30) and the only Barbecast rookie this week is Rob Zastryzny, left-handed pitcher for the Chicago Cubs. Though not on the World Series roster, Rob was with the team when they, ya know, won the World Series. So he walked us through the madness -- everything from Heyward's legendary speech to getting on the wrong bus at the parade. Next (at 1:08:45), we brought on Kendall Guillemette, the secret third member of the BBQ, to talk about his memories from the early Barbecasts and his new project, Savage Baseball (details below). After Kendall (at 1:16:40), we welcomed back the official minor leaguer of CFBBQ, Kieran Lovegrove for the first time since Episode 62, to recap his first year in full-season ball and the wonders of the Midwest League. Next (at 1:34:55), we brought our mothers onto the show to share their favorite memories from the Barbecast and explain why they are still letting us do it. Then (at 1:46:20), a historic rendition of Tales from Logdog with Lana Berry takes place as we try and remember what it was like to have her on the podcast every week. Finally (at 1:57:00), we brought it alllllllllll the way back and brought on our good friend and FIRST EVER BARBECAST GUEST Craig Goldstein to tell us how much he's changed since the inaugural pod and also tell us about #PieNight. We concluded (at 2:11:30) with a genuine thank you to all who have ever listened to this silly thing that we do, and toast to another 100 podcasts. Thank you!

While we did not do our usual battle of extraordinary old baseball names this week, the B-Ref Battle is brought to you by Baseball-Reference. Use the coupon code “bbq” for $6 off a one-year subscription to the Play Index, the essential tool for statistical baseball research. Click here to order your Play Index now!

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Kendall is giving away a free Savage Baseball to 4 lucky Barbecast listeners. Enter for a chance to win at

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